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Leather Balm
  • Leather Balm

    The secret to preserving and keeping your leather looking beautiful through the test of time is keeping it clean, hydrated and protected from the elements.


    If leather loses its natural oils and moisture it loses its suppleness and starts to crack, our leather balm will help to prevent that; as well as add water resistance to your leather.


    100% Natural

    Small batch, made in house



    How to use:


    • Clean all dirt and grime from leather leather before applying balm


    • Using a clean, soft cloth apply a small amount of balm to the leather. Work into the leather in a circular motion


    • Allow the balm to absorb into the leather before buffing it in and wiping away any excess




    *Do not apply balm to suede or Nubuck leather

    *Leather balm will darken leather slightly with each use, especially on lighter leather.