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Caring for your Wolfish Trove Products is easy and rewarding.

Caring for your leather collar is simple and is something that should be done atleast once a month to preserve its quality.

Leather as we know is skin, and just like our skin it needs to be treated as such.

If you neglect caring for your leather items they can mold, stain, discolor and become stiff. But if you give it two minutes of time every few days to clean it up, you will be rewarded with a truly unique and one of a kind piece.
Over time as your leather gets worn in it develops a Patina.


What is Patina?
The accumulation of dirt, body oils, sunlight and wear & tear create a darkening and soft sheen to leather goods. Over time the leather will oxidize and age naturally to give these effects. The process cannot be replicated through any artificial means.
Your collar will be unique to you and your dog based off of your lifestyle.
It just takes time.

Follow this simple guide to get the most out of your leather collar.

  • For general maintenance;
    gently clean with a soft damp cloth and follow up with a good quality leather conditioner.

  • If the collar becomes muddy, clean with a damp soft cloth and leather cleaner then allow to air dry, away from direct heat.

  • Remove the collar if your dog is playing rough, swimming or scratching excessively.

  • If the canvas becomes dirty, gently spot clean using a damp soft cloth.


Upon receiving your collar it will have already had it's initial conditioning and sealant applied.

Each collar comes with some leather soap and conditioner in hopes of you using them and enjoying the unique qualities that leather can offer both you and your dog.


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