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Lauren created a piece for my girl that we have been looking for, for years. The moment I saw Nectar I knew it would be the perfect match for our “Bee”. The craftsmanship and care that goes into each handmade collar not only keeps them unique, but created with a genuine and thoughtful touch. I couldn’t think of a more special collar for our sweet girl. We haven’t taken it off of her since we opened it, and it still looks like the day it was opened. Thoroughly impressed with the quality of this product.

- Daniel & Isabel

Wolfish Trove is such an amazing business!! The actually blood, sweat and tears can be seen in every stitch which makes owning one all that more special. You can tell that Lauren is passionate about what she is doing and that she wants you to be able to enjoy the collars just as much as she enjoys making them. I highly recommend getting one of these gorgeous collars!

- Kirsten & Atlas


When I received this collar for Carbon, I could not believe the quality. It is easy to wipe clean after hiking, and his hair simply brushes off of the collar. They hold up to the durability test while standing out as more of an art piece than a regular collar. I love that there are multiple canvas options to choose from that suit any adventure we are on, I already can’t wait for our next order!

- Victoria & Carbon

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